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Centering Health: Global Health Economy 2020 (Report)
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Centering Health: Global Health Economy 2020 (Report)

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Pathways in the global health economy 2020

The need for health is clear, the pathway to producing it is less so. Health emerges from intricate interactions among five key determinants: individual behavior, social factors, genetics and biology, environment, and medical care.

With Centering Health: Pathways in the Global Health Economy 2026, the IFTF Health Futures Lab invites you to reimagine how to design viable pathways to health for the many. These pathways navigate the territories central to producing health—the determinants of health—while at the same time responding to and leveraging four larger social, economic, and technological forces that we have identified as most likely to impact health and health care over the next decade. These future forces are: divergent life expectations, expanding health authorities, embedded machine learning, and inclusive design.


Publication Date: 2016