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Power Shifts (Map + Toolkit)
Power Shifts (Map + Toolkit)
Power Shifts (Map + Toolkit)
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Power Shifts (Map + Toolkit)

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A Decade of Extreme Consequences and Transformational Possibilities

Dynamics of shifting power within and across domains will require new ways of thinking about how actors can affect us, who we can influence, and how to make sense of the increasingly fuzzy boundaries between organizations, industries, and nations.

As the next decade unfolds, these factors will contribute to the extreme possibilities and opportunities to effect transformational change. Build your world readiness by immersing yourself in this map of the emerging landscape and identifying your path forward.

  • Empowering New Actors and Movements
  • Disappearing Boundaries
  • Anticipating Brittle Points of Failure
  • Managing Systems Risks within Organizations

Navigating this landscape demands building a discipline of world-readiness. World-readiness comes from systematically exploring extreme possibilities to prepare for the pitfalls and find the transformational opportunities of the coming decade

Purchase the complete World-Readiness Toolkit to start learning how to use with your team:

  1. Start with the brief Introduction to the Toolkit
  2. Then jump into our World-Readiness Guide and quickly familiarize yourself with the tools and resources you’ll need to make sense of the coming decade.
  3. Next, open the Map of the Decade to overview the major power shifts redefining boundaries within the business landscape.
  4. Finish up by exploring the Scenario and Superpower Card Deck, which presents high-risk possibilities resulting from extreme global forces between now and 2030, along with the levers you can respond with to create resilience and optimism. 

Publication Date: 2019