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Geographies of Transition : Atlas of the Decade Travel Guide (Toolkit)
Geographies of Transition : Atlas of the Decade Travel Guide (Toolkit)
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Geographies of Transition : Atlas of the Decade Travel Guide (Toolkit)

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Geographies of Transition

At the center of this re-calibration explored in IFTF's Atlas of the Decade are nine urgent futures—major drivers of volatility that will significantly impact every market and sector over the next decade, pushing us into noisier and more uncertain futures. These introductory perspectives will help you align your organizational and strategic priorities with external forces of change, covering issues that we often fail to address within our organizations, networks, and communities.

The three travel guides that accompany this Atlas of the Decade were designed to help you dive deeper into the geographies of transition that will transform the way we work, learn, live, and play between now and 2027. They explore what algorithmic innovation zones in Shenzhen tell us about which business models are likely to become deeply uncompetitive, and which ones will ascend. They probe connections between infrastructure entrepreneurs in Haiti and potential new work streams for rural Appalachia. And they discuss diverse topics at the edges of our current thinking, from Quantum Cognition to Special Oceanic Zones to Universal Basic Subscription Services. These 18 forecasts and 12 scenarios for 2027 provide landmarks of what’s possible—guideposts with which to populate our future plans.

Publication Date: 2017