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The New Economics Card Game
The New Economics Card Game
The New Economics Card Game
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The New Economics Card Game

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An Immersive Quest to lead the future

Card Game:

Defining organizational strategy for the future has never been more challenging. Today’s rapid technological changes fuel deeper cultural shifts. These cultural shifts alter how we work, communicate, create, and consume.

IFTF invites you on a quest to explore and create your organization’s future. Instead of envisioning your organization 10 years from today, this card game offers a get-your-hands-dirty- quickly approach to forecasting and strategy. Your team will navigate the future step-by-step, from 3 years out and beyond; at each step, your team will build on previous strategies for dealing with emerging challenges.

Card Game Overview:

This card-based forecasting game helps organizations navigate four alternative futures scenarios. In teams of 3–5, you flip over cards one by one. Each card represents an emerging challenge—a cultural shift or new technological potential. Craft a strategic response for your organization to that challenge, then implement by collectively imagining your strategy has been put in place.

Each strategy you craft builds upon your responses to previous cards and leads your organization down a unique timeline. This rapid-prototyping exercise gets your hands dirty quickly and provides insights into how your organization might thrive in the future.


Published in 2012.