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The Seven-Economy Future (Map + Toolkit)
The Seven-Economy Future (Map + Toolkit)
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The Seven-Economy Future (Map + Toolkit)

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The Future is a Value Proposition

It’s a promise of new wealth and new ways to share the wealth. It’s a pledge to see beyond the noisy landscape of the economic present to discover what we will value tomorrow—to see beyond today’s workforce, today’s markets, today’s business models to establish new value models.

The 2015 Map of the Decade is the starting place. It’s a grid where seven economies intersect some of humanity’s most urgent futures to create zones of innovative value creation. It’s a guide to inventing what we’ll value in the future and securing that value for ourselves and for those who follow.

What’s your right of way in today’s fledgling networked world? Three simple steps will help you discover the hidden potential within your organization’s existing resources. They will lay out alternative paths using alternative interfaces. And they will clarify your priorities, helping you choose the right strategy for creating networked services to address them. The Toolkit for a Networked World was developed to guide you through this process.


Publication Date: 2015