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Remodeling Trust: Anticipating Risks, Clarifying Actions (Map + Workbook)
Remodeling Trust: Anticipating Risks, Clarifying Actions (Map + Workbook)
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Remodeling Trust: Anticipating Risks, Clarifying Actions (Map + Workbook)

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As the future unfolds, how will we remodel trust to anticipate risk and clarify action?

Whether shopping for a favorite brand of baby food, diagnosing a perceived illness, or deciding where to invest, issues of trust emerge at every step. To guide our decision-making we rely on credible sources of information, enforceable contracts and guarantees, and communities of individuals whose life experiences are comparable to our own. Since the earliest efforts to organize human societies, we’ve modeled trust from these building blocks of our society.

Today, as our services and interactions reach across the globe through complex digital networks, the bedrock of trust is eroding. Beyond widespread questions about fake news and a post-truth society, we find a more profound set of technological, social, and institutional transformations disrupting the landscape of trust by upending the foundations of our institutions and authority structures across the business, civic, and social spheres.

To help you navigate these risks and uncertainties, we’ve identified seven future forces reshaping our familiar building blocks of trust. From the rise of nonhuman actors to revolutions in biological science, the emerging landscape will challenge us to remodel trust to build, maintain, and communicate with our partners, neighbors, and customers.

Immerse yourself in the seven future forces transforming the landscape of trust across our business, civic, and social spheres.

A Workbook Exploring Trust Models in Action

Designed as a companion scenario workbook presenting four trust models in action that highlight the possible ways we’ll remodel trust over the next decade. These four models—continuous verification, boundary management, outsourced authority, and filtered preferences—are themselves not new, but will play out in new ways, creating dilemmas, risks and potential actions. Set in 2028, each of these four scenarios is designed to immerse you into a world of possibilities—to spark your imagination and help you identify new risks and potential long-range actions.


Publication Date: 2018